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Propylene trimers

Technical requirements: TU 2211-031-05766801-2014

Product of propylene polymerization over phosphate catalyst.
It is used for production of alkylphenols with further processing into ethoxylated alkylphenols, alkylphenol additives, Octofor-type resins. It can also be used as feedstock for oxosynthesis of isodecyl alcohols used for production of PVC plasticizers, for production of non-ionic detergents, and lube oil additives.

Product form:
Clear colorless liquid free of solids and undissolved moisture.

Product is shipped in railway tank-cars with a bottom discharge, tank-containers and steel drums.

Product is transported in railway tank-cars with a bottom discharge and tank-containers.

Product should be stored in reservoirs under nitrogen blanket.

Propylene trimers
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