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Polypropylene PP 8400N

Chemical name: Propylene and ethylene block copolymer

Technical requirements: TU 20.16.51-136-05766801-2015

Product obtained by copolymerization of propylene and ethylene in presence of complexmetalorganic catalysts.

It possesses enhanced physical and mechanical characteristics for production of polymeric articles with .ESCR and cold resistance (increased flexural modulus).

Application:packing, utensil, compounding, automotive components by injection molding, food contact materials.

Supply form: Pellets

Packaging: Product is packed into polyethylene or polypropylene bags (one bag net weight 25.00 ± 0.25 kg) and bundled on flat pallets with shrink film.Gross weight of a bundleismax 2 t.
PPmay be packed intosoft containers (big bags) sized for400-1000 kg.
Upon agreement with a customer, PP pellets may be loaded unpacked straight intowagons for pelleted polymermaterials and polymer truck-carriers, as well as may be delivered in bags by railcars.

Transportation: By all transportmeans

Storage: Polypropylene shall be stored in enclosed dry space preventing from direct sun rays, on shelves or palletsat least 5cmfromthe floor, and at least 1mfromheaters,at temperaturemax 30оС and relative humiditymax 80%.
Prior to processing, bags with polymer shall be kept for at least 12 hrs. in production area.

Polypropylene PP 8400N
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