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Polypropylene PP 2641J (T31SE)

Chemical name: Propylene homopolymer

Technical requirements: TU 20.16.51-136-05766801-2015

Product obtained by polymerization of propylene in presence of complexmetalorganic catalysts.

It incorporates increased long-term thermal stability, thermal- oxidative degradation resistance when PP is produced, processed and PP-made articles are exploited, effective nucleation.

Application: extrusion, hot shaping, injectionmolding.

Supply form: Pellets 
Packaging: Product is packed into polyethylene or polypropylene bags (one bag net weight 25.00 ± 0.25 kg) and bundled on flat pallets with shrink film.Gross weight of a bundleismax 2 t. PPmay be packed intosoft containers (big bags) sized for 400-1000 kg. Upon agreement with a customer, PP pellets may be loaded unpacked straight intowagons for pelleted polymermaterials and polymer truck-carriers, as well as may be delivered in bags by railcars. 

Transportation: By all transportmeans 

Storage: Polypropylene shall be stored in enclosed dry space preventing from direct sun rays, on shelves or palletsat least 5cmfromthe floor, and at least 1mfromheaters,at temperaturemax 30оС and relative humiditymax 80%. Prior to processing, bags with polymer shall be kept for at least 12 hrs. in production area.

Polypropylene PP 2641J (T31SE)
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