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High impact polystyrene GRADE 825М

Chemical name: Poly(ethenyl benzene), high impact

Technical requirements: TU 2214-126-05766801-2003

High impact polystyrene is produced by bulk block copolymerization of styrene and butadiene rubber.
High impact polystyrene for extrusion molding of articles. May be used for short-cycle molding with preservation of impact strength. It is used for manufacture of structural foams and such articles as home appliances casings, toys, and articles with high gloss.

Supply form: Pellets
Packaging: Paper, polyethylene or polypropylene bags
Transportation: By all transport means in covered vehicles. The product packed in big bags can be transported in open-top vehicles.
Storage: Indoors, on shelves or pallets with 5 cm minimum clearance from the floor and 1 m minimum distance from heating appliances, in conditions excluding direct sunlight.

High impact polystyrene GRADE 825М
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