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ABS plastic 1534

Chemical name: Polymer of prop-2-ene nitrile with buta-1,3-diene and ethenyl benzene

Technical requirements: TU 2214-159-05766801-2011

Is an easy flow, molding grade with a good heat resistance during the process. It is used for production of household appliances, particularly, for complicated parts closed to heat source (front panel, washing machine frame).It is used for production of electrical goods as well.

This grade is produced self-colored only, additives/dye free

Supply form: Pellets

Packaging: Polyethylene bags, in bulk by polymer trucks.

Transportation: All types of covered transport.

Storage: In closed room on shelves or pallets, at a distance of minimum 5 cm above the floor and at a distance of minimum 1 m from the space heaters, in conditions, excluding direct sunlight effect.

ABS plastic 1534
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