PJSC 'Nizhnekamskneftekhim'

Potassium salts dust suppressor

Technical requirements: TU 2422-083-05766801-98

Product is obtained by bottom residues processing of glycols, glycol ethers and ethylene oxide production. It is a mixture of mono-, di-, tri-, tetra-, pentaglycols and monoethyl esters of tri- and tetraethylene glycols. It is used as a chemical agent in the production of mineral fertilizers for dust formation decrease.

Supply form: Viscous liquid of dark color.

Packaging: Product is shipped in railway tank – cars, specialized containers, and steel ungalvanized drums.

Transportation: Railway and motor transport.

Storage: In closed steel tanks. Product in drums shall be stored in sheltered warehouses, vertically, stacked maximum three tiers high.

Potassium salts dust suppressor
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