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Methanol-based formaldehyde

Technical requirements: TU 2417-138-05766801-2009

Formalin is an intermediate product in isoprene production.

Product is used as a disinfectant in agriculture and animal breeding in the form of water solutions.

Supply form: Liquid.

Packaging: Product shall be shipped in tank-trucks with aluminum or stainless steel caldrons or in aluminum, steel or polymer drums. Aluminum churns, polyethylene cans and glass bottles are allowed.

Transportation: By all transport means in accordance with goods transportation rules, valid for this mode of transport.

Storage: Store methanol formaldehyde in heated containers. Product may be stored packed in heated warehouses at temperature 10-25°C shall be allowed.
Shelf life - 3 months from the date of manufacture.

Methanol-based formaldehyde
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