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Technical requirements: ТУ 2422-075-05766801-2006

Triethylene glycol is a by-product of ethylene and diethylene glycol production. Triethylene glycol commercial Grade А is used as feedstock in production of oligoester acrylates, polyesteracrylates, plasticizers and other products of organic synthesis. Triethylene glycol commercial Grade B is used for dehumidification of gas and air in the production of antifreezes and oligoester acrylates.

Supply form: Transparent liquid, without mechanical impurities

Packaging: Triethylene glycol commercial is filled in aluminum drums as per GOST 21029 or steel drums 12Х18Н10Т as per GOST 26155. It is possible to fill triethylene glycol commercial Grade B in galvanized drums as per GOST 6247 or in steel drums as per GOST 13950.

Transportation: Product in drums is transported in covered transport means by automobile, railway transport.
It is also transported in bulk in tank-cars and rail-way tank-cars.

Storage: Storage in sealed containers made of aluminum or non-corrosive containers.

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