PJSC 'Nizhnekamskneftekhim'


Chemical name: Ethanediol-1,2

Technical requirements: GOST 19710-83

Ethylene glycol is a product of ethylene oxide hydration. It is used for production of synthetic fibers, solvents, antifreezes and hydraulic liquids.

Supply form: Flammable liquid.

Packaging: Product is shipped in railway tank-cars as well as in aluminum and steel non-galvanized drums.

Transportation: Product in drums is transported by all means of covered transport. The product is also transported in bulk in rail-way tank-cars with liners of aluminium or non-corrosive steel.

Storage: Storage in sealed containers made of aluminium, non-corrosive or aluminized steel. Drummed product should be stored in sheltered non-heated warehouses. Drums should be stacked vertically maximum three tiers high.

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