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Ethylene oxide

Chemical name: Ethylene oxide

Technical requirements: GOST 7568-2018

Ethylene oxide is used in the chemical, petrochemical and other industries. Supplied to the domestic and international market.

Supply form: Liquified gas, a colorless transparent liquid.

Transport containers: Ethylene oxide is shipped in steel cylinders 150L and 200L capacity in accordance with GOST 949-73 made of stainless steel 12X18H10T (GOST 5632-72). It is allowed to use returnable cylinders made of corrosion-resistant steel.

Transportation: Ethylene oxide is transported in covered vehicles by rail, road and water transport in accordance with goods transportation rules in force in mode of transport.

Storage: Ethylene oxide is stored in manufacturer's containers or in stainless steel tanks made of steel Grade 12X18H10T (GOST 5632-72). Ethylene oxide is stored pressurized 69-343 kPa (0.7-3.5 kg / cm2) in tanks under nitrogen blanket (GOST 9293-74), with oxygen content of not more than 0.3% (vol.), at a temperature not higher than 10° C.
Cylinders with ethylene oxide are stored in accordance with design and safe operation rules of pressure vessels, approved by the GosGorTechNadzor inspection authority.

Ethylene oxide
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