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Training of non-professional emergency and rescue squads of the Company

To install the blind on the gas pipeline, remove the injured from the dangerous area and provide first aid to him – these tasks were the basis of trainings in which the employees of non-professional emergency and rescue teams have taken part. Their knowledge and skills in acting under the emergency situations they demonstrated on August 29 at training area of the company. 15 teams, each consisting of five people, the representatives of plants and subsidiaries of the company, have taken part in competitions. All teams have shown a good professional training level and coordination under the conditions of a training emergency situation. They demonstrated high response speed and skill during performance of tasks. Eventually, the team of Styrene and Polyester Resins Plant was first, the employees of OOO Ethylene Pipelines – NKNH come second and representatives of Synthetic Rubber Plant were third. The similar trainings among non-professional emergency and rescue teams are carried out in the Company every year. They help the employees of PJSC Nizhnekamskneftekhim to improve their skills in emergency response.

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