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The major equipment was installed at SSBR production.

On September 19, two columns were installed at grassroots SSBR production. The columns were manufactured in Bashkortostan. The columns height is 31 and 24.5 meters accordingly. Workers used 400 tons crane for the columns lifting and installation.

- The columns items C-105 and C-103 were installed at fractionation unit and unit of azeotrope drying of solvent. The first column is dedicated to solvent conditioning, and the second column – for solvent drying; further the solvent is fed into polymerization section, - said Victor Eruslanov, Head of production section, shop No.№ 6804, Grassroots SSBR.

The construction of SSBR production, located at the first industrial area, is in progress. Today, foundation works are at the finishing stage, installation of steel structures and equipment is in progress.

The grassroots industrial facility is being constructed based on modern technology and equipment that ensure no adverse effect on the environment.

According to Chief Engineer of SSBR Production, Ramzil Mukhametzyanov, they received more than 30% of necessary equipment.

Synthetic Styrene Butadiene Rubber is a raw material used in manufacturing of green tires, having excellent durability, freeze resistance and dynamic fatigue strength, and also in manufacturing of rubber technical goods and in footwear industry, in production of conveyor belt.

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