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Scientific and technological center (NTC) summed up the results of their activities for 2019

More than 83 thousand analyzes, the 106 pilot-industrial tests and examinations were performed by the NTC team in 2019. 55 measurement methods are performed, 47 reports formulated for the research work, 28 rationalization proposals implemented, 22 articles published in scientific journals and 7 patents filed during this period, scientists of the company developed. Moreover, this is just some of the reporting data on the scope of work performed.

The Scientific and Technological Center of PJSC Nizhnekamskneftekhim provides scientific and technical support for the existing and newly commissioned production facilities of the Company. The experts have been developing technologies for obtaining new types and brands of products, issuing design basis for engineering, and developing methods for performance of measurements related to analytical control of production units.


The NTC has 12 research laboratories, as well as a pilot industrial workshop for production of hydrocarbons and their compounds to provide successful completion of their tasks. In 2019, the center's specialists conducted 83 pilot tests. Technologies were developed for the production of new grades of rubber at the synthetic rubber plant (SK), for the production of new grades of polyolefins with improved technological and operational performance; the technology for producing polyethylene compositions intended for corrosion protection, insulation of gas and oil steel pipelines and the protective sheath of high-voltage cables was improved.

One of the priority business for PJSC Nizhnekamskneftekhim are elastomers. “From idea to implementation”, this is the way scientists work, developing and introducing new technologies for producing synthetic rubbers. Nizhnekamskneftekhim scientists have much to be proud of. New grades of styrene-butadiene rubber designed for the manufacture of all-season and summer high-speed tires, and for the winter tire range have been developed. Positive feedback came from testing of butadiene and styrene butadiene rubber from leading tire companies.

No less preferable orientation is various plastics. To expand the range of polyolefins and develop a new market segment, work is underway to make special grades that have improved properties.

In 2019, pilot tests were conducted to obtain new grades of the statistical copolymer complete with ethylene PP4445U and the block copolymer of propylene with ethylene PP 7540U having melt flow index = 80. They are intended for the manufacture of utensils, containers, containers and other plastic products.

New grades are characterized by high spillability, which gives a lot of advantages during processing, for instance, the processing speed increases, the product casting cycle decreases, etc. Positive feedback is received from the consumers. The process people showed their high interest in such products, which made it possible to put new grades of plastics on commercial production.

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