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Petrochemists Took Part in the All-Russian Large-scale Exercises on Civil Defense and Emergency Situations

The actions of employees of PJSC "Nizhnekamskneftekhim" in the process of eliminating a conditional accident were evaluated today at tactical and special exercises. They took place on the territory of the Ist industrial zone at the BK plant as part of a two-day all-Russian large-scale civil defense exercise.

According to the scenario, at one of the facilities of the BR plant, there was a depressurization of the chlorine tank, which led to the formation of a dangerous chemical cloud. It was required to stop the spread of the chlorine cloud by water irrigation. On a training alert, firefighters, a gas rescue service, an ambulance crew and security personnel immediately arrived at the scene. The dangerous territory was taped up, each team acted quickly and smoothly.

The elimination of a conditional accident took place in several stages. At each of them, the emergency services of the company coped with all the tasks “excellently” and were highly appreciated by the representatives of the Russian Ministry for Emergencies in the Republic of Tatarstan. As noted by the head of the fire and rescue garrison of Nizhnekamsk, Anton Karasev, all the services of the enterprise promptly responded and arrived at the place of the emergency response, acted properly and professionally.

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