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Petrochemists participated in “Cross-country Race of Nations”

On September 21, “Cross-country Race of Nations” took place in Nizhnekamsk. 26 thousands of Nizhnekamsk citizens came to “Dom Narodnogo Tvorchestva”, including pupils, students, sportsmen, veterans, personnel and people adhering to healthy lifestyle.

Nizhnekamskneftekhim team became active participant of “Cross-country Race of Nations”.  2,000 company employees took a part in the cross-country run.

The official ceremony took place near the “Dom Narodnogo Tvorchestva”. The event featured performances of Nizhnekamsk performance groups.

The race was started from Djalile cinema. There were different distances: 500 m, 2000 m, 2019 m and the biggest one - 3000 m. The first were disabled persons. They showed that sport has no restrictions. After them, there was a turn of pupils and large families. This year we could see professional sportsmen among the participants of race. City and municipal management also participated in the sport event.

Petrochemists also took part in the race of strongest. 88 year Anatoli Elagin became the eldest participant of the race. 61 year Valentina Kudryashova was the eldest female participant. And Misha Nikolaev and Elina Safina became the youngest runners.

As a result, the representatives of Nizhnekamskneftekhim received 11 off 24 awards. The best runners got medals, diplomas and memorable figures.

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