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Petrochemical workers have celebrated the Day of the City and the Day of Republic

People’s happiness and friendship were the keynote of celebration of the Day of the City and the Day of Republic, and this is exactly what the celebration is called - “Happiness in the City”. The weather has also made its contribution to the celebration, having provided Nizhnekamsk people with a hot and sunny day. The festivities started with colourful parade at Mira avenue with 4.5 thousand Nizhnekamsk people participating in it. The procession of labor collectives was headed by the column of petrochemical workers. It was the most bright and numerous, as it was represented by about a thousand of PJSC Nizhnekamskneftekhim employees and employees of its subsidiary companies. In front of the procession they bore the banners of the Company and a high official reward-the Order of Lenin, received for labor achievements of personnel. The history of PJSC Nizhnekamskneftelkhim is an integral part of the history of Nizhnekamsk and of our big country in whole. For its more than half a century history, the Company developed the reputation of a reliable business partner, gained a unique experience of mastering the state of the art technologies. It is a brand known in many countries of the world. Today, the Company is a world leader for production of isoprene rubber, the third world supplier of butyl rubbers and is one of the ten top global producers of synthetic rubber and the second supplier of plastics in Russia. Multicoloured banners, compositions of air balloons made the procession bright and unique. Decorated in a festive style, the trucks of “Kamaz” grade blended seamlessly with the symmetrical lines of petrochemical workers. One of them was symbolic of the Company image, the other one was symbolic of people’s friendship, here, parade spectators were greeted by actors in national costumes. They were followed by the staff of subsidiary companies of PJSC Nizhnekamskneftekhim and sports teams of the Company: football and hockey teams. The celebration ceremony smoothly moved to the park Neftechimik – one of the biggest celebration areas of the city. A diverse entertainment program was prepared here for all who came. The representatives of Neftechimik sports club and a hockey club of the same name held interesting and breath-taking contests. Number of families participated in merry games and relays. In addition, the sports club Neftechimik presented at the celebration its sports sections and children could sign up for free calisthenics, athletics, cross-country skiing and wrestling sections. The sportsmen of Nefteсhimik club prepared one more present for residents and guests of Nizhnekamsk – they staged exhibition performances and gave master classes, the hockey club had a meeting with its fans. For one day, the Neftechimik park turned to be a place of a real gastronomical boom. There was a festival of “Street Food”. Over ten restaurants and cafes of the city demonstrated, competing with each other, their culinary talents. The employees of Neftekhim Public Catering Division also demonstrated their skills and knowledge. They gave lessons in cooking dumplings, pizza, pancakes with cheese, quesadilla with chicken fillet and sandwiches for those who desired. All day local actors and amateur entertaining groups of PJSC Nizhnekamskneftekhim gave special program performances, creating a festive mood for the visitors of Neftechimik park. Within the scope of street culture festival “Happiness in the City” there was also a competitive screening of the films of the World Street Film Festival in the park. The residents and guests of Nizhnekamsk could see the short-length films of young stage managers and give their votes for the film they liked. Already in the evening the big stage was again engaged by the performing artists of “Romantiki” entertainment group and artists of performance groups of the city who made all the visitors enjoy their performance. 35 thousand Nizhnekamsk people were the spectators of the evening program. The culmination of the festivities in the Park of Petrochemical Workers was a long awaited concert of the Russian group “PIZZA”. The artists performed their popular hit songs. At 10 p.m. the sky in the park was illuminated by bright fireworks.

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