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Petrochemical Veterans Have Paid a Visit to Biological Treatment Plants

30 Veterans of PJSC Nizhnekamskneftekhim were able to see how the waste treatment facilities changed after the revamp, to learn how wastewater is treated and what microorganisms are for, having visited the biological treatment plants (BTP) on October 2. This visit was a peculiar kind of gift from the BTP personnel to their retired employees the on the International Day for the Elderly.

The tour of new facilities at the BTP site began with an updated building for grates intended for the reception and preliminary treatment of municipal effluents coming from City of Nizhnekamsk. About all the changes that occurred at the BTP, The Head of the Department for treatment of industrial wastewater Mikhail Romanov was giving details.

Since 2016, the company has carried out two stages of revamp to improve the quality of wastewater treatment. Those were a facility for mechanical treatment of household wastewater and a facility for treatment of industrial wastewater. New buildings and structures were built and commissioned, which allowed to improve the quality of wastewater treatment. Their main advantage is absolute tightness. Thus, the possibility of unpleasant odors getting into the atmosphere during wastewater treatment is significantly reduced.

The visitors were also able to watch the work of activated sludge in aeration tanks and make sure that the water after passing through all stages of cleaning meets all the requirements. In addition, veterans examined bio filters designed to neutralize unpleasant odors thanks to special types of bacteria.

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