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Nizhnekamskneftekhim employees became laureates of the All-Russian contest “Engineer of the Year 2019”

The merits of ten employees of PJSC Nizhnekamskneftekhim were awarded by the jury of the XX All-Russian contest "Engineer of the Year 2019".

In the nomination “Professional Engineers”, Diplomas and Medals were awarded: to Ivan Yashin, the Head of the Butyl Rubber plant, to Ildar Fazilov, the Head of the Synthetic Rubber plant, to Alevtina Filippova, the Deputy Head of the Styrene and Polyester Resin Plant, to Sergey Krasilnikothe, the Head of the Oligomers and Glycols plant, to Dilyara Fazilova, the Head of the Copolymers Research Laboratory at R & D Center, to Oleg Tereshchenko, Chief Engineer of the Railway Transport Department, to Alena Sapozhnikova, the Head of the Technical Control Department and to Ilsur Shaekhov, the Lead Engineer of the Automation Center.

Irek Gazizov, the Head of the Research Laboratory of oil refining and pyrolysis of the R&D Center and Ilnar Lukmanov, the Head of the Isoprene-monomer production Plant were awarded Diploma “Engineering Art of the Young”.

The winners of the first round of the competition received certificates and signs: Sergey Kasimov, production manager of the EP-600 plant under construction, Eric Gizzatullin, ethylene plant installation director, Ilnar Sharipov, deputy head of the plastic plant workshop, Artur Popov, Head of the design and development center.

The All-Russian contest "Engineer of the Year" is held every year, starting in 2000. The organizers strive to draw attention to the problems of the training quality of engineering staff, to inhance the prestige and attraction to engineering professions. The competition is held by the Russian Union of Scientific and Engineering Public Associations jointly with partner organizations.

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